Cross-gutter scraper
Cross-gutter scraper

Cross-gutter scraper

The sand specialist

The cross-gutter scraper system collects semi-solid manure and delivers it to a reception pit or manure storage. Recommended for sand bedding or short-chopped organic bedding. Collection is done using a Scraper box or a V-Scraper that is towed down the gutter by a cable or chain.

  • The Scraper box of 24'' or 36'' (61 or 91 cm) wide is equipped with large 8'' (20 cm) wear plates made of 1/2'' (13 mm) thick AR steel. Its bolted runners and tilting door are easily replaced.
  • The 22'' (56 cm) high V-Scraper can accommodate gutters of 24'', 36'' or 48'' (61, 91 or 122 cm), variable width.
  • Choice of drive units: Select Alley-Cat or Nova-Cable for cable systems or select any Dura-Chain drive unit for chain systems.
Chain gutter cleaner

Chain gutter cleaner

For controlled and even flow of manure

The chain gutter cleaner is the best choice for feeding hydraulic piston pumps evenly. The shallow depth and simple design keep construction costs low. The chain gutter cleaner is recommended for all manure conditions except sand-bedded manure.

  • Choose 16'' or 18'' (41 or 46 cm) gutter width using 7/8 logging style chain or pintle chain.
  • The cleaner can be installed as a simple cross-gutter with a 180° wheel or may include corners to accommodate different layouts.
  • The cleaner chain is driven by a B-15/16 transmission with extended mount to keep the drive unit far above the manure level.
Hydraulic gutter cleaner
Hydraulic gutter cleaner

Hydraulic gutter cleaner

Compact and low maintenance

The hydraulic Shuttle-Stroke gutter cleaner makes manure collection easy, operating either from a dedicated hydraulic power unit or sharing the power unit of a piston pump or hydraulic scraper. The cylinder extends and then moves the manure forward with each retraction cycle. Since it does not require a bulky drive unit, the configuration options are almost endless.

  • 72'' or 108'' (1.8 or 2.7 m) cylinder stroke
  • 14'' to 36'' (36 to 91 cm) paddle widths
  • Special alloy pivots which offer greater resistance to wear than standard steel
  • Paddles are bolted to pivots for easy replacement
Hydraulic alley scraper

Hydraulic alley scraper

Requires little space

The floor-mounted hydraulic cylinders require little space, providing flexible layouts. A single power unit may operate multiple alleys. The scraper blade advances with each retraction of the cylinder, and reverses automatically at the end of the alley.

  • Rail can be installed on the floor or in a groove.
  • The system allows multiple configurations.
  • Choose from a wide selection of hydraulic units.

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