• Helps reduce raw material losses through better feed intake.
  • Choose our large hopper for easy filling.
  • Adjustable door to control flow rate.
  • Can be integrated into your automated feeding system.
  • 18'' (46 cm) Ø circular screen
  • 15 reversible hammers made of high carbon steel hardened to 60 RC
  • 7.5, 10 or 15 HP C frame motor
  • 4 types of discharge augers
  • Metal object sensor magnets
  • With or without hopper
  • Hopper overflow protection switch Optional
  • Control panel to allow autoreverse for longer longevity of the hammers Optional
Process all types of grains at low cost such as: dry or wet corn, rye, wheat, barley, and oats

Process all types of grains at low cost such as: dry or wet corn, rye, wheat, barley, and oats

Valmetal hammer mills are mainly used to produce TMR for all types of livestock farming. They are also used in the manufacture of liquor at the milling stage where grains and cereals are reduced into flour.

Choice of components

Choice of components

Our selection of screens (A) allows to process several types of grains and obtain the perfect texture according to your needs. Hole diameters range from 1/16” (2 mm) to 5/8” (16 mm). The hammers (B) are heat treated to provide excellent resistance to abrasion and shocks.



Strategically positioned magnets keep metal objects from entering the processing chamber.

Model 14A75

Model 14A75

The 14A75 model is equipped with a larger processing chamber. It is the ideal choice for wet corn since it offers greater clearance around the screen, thus preventing the material from sticking to the walls.


Approximate capacity per hour

Screens Corn Small grains
HP Motor
7.5 10 7.5 10
(3.2 mm)
Powdery 1,525 kg
3,355 lb
2,050 kg
4,510 lb
1,600 kg
3,520 lb
2,125 kg
4,675 lb
(4.8 mm)
Granular, greater flow 2,145 kg
4,719 lb
2,860 kg
6,292 lb
2,630 kg
5,786 lb
3,510 kg
7,722 lb
(6.4 mm)
Dry corn Powdery 2,755 kg
6,061 lb
3,680 kg
8,096 lb
2,825 kg
6,215 lb
3,850 kg
 8,470 lb
(7.9 mm)
Dry corn Granular, greater flow 3,340 kg
7,348 lb
4,455 kg
9,801 lb
3,375 kg
7,425 lb
4,500 kg
9,900 lb
(9.5 mm)
Dry corn
High moisture corn
± flow 4,300 kg
9,460 lb
5,725 kg
12,595 lb
4,785 kg
10,527 lb
6,540 kg
14,388 lb
(12.7 mm)
High moisture corn ± flow 5,525 kg
12,155 lb
7,360 kg
16,192 lb
6,130 kg
13,486 lb
7,360 kg
16,192 lb

Note: Figures in this table are approximations and can significantly vary depending on factors such as desired texture, grain quality, hardness and humidity.

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