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    Automated feeding system

    Valmetal is proud to introduce the new Autoration PRO. Fully redesigned with a User-Friendly interface. Faster with grea...

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    The Valmetal Commodity Box (silage reserve) is the best solution to feed your herd from bunker silos or ag bags.

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    TMR stationary Vertical Mixer

    The new Valmetal vertical mixer - V-Mix 280. A new generation of mixer with 280 Fi³ capacity. Easely chop a 48 inches b...

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    Bedding chopper self-propelled 48''

    This new version of the 48'' Self-propelled Beddin chopper features a new tub design, guards and more ...

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    Silo unloader - Nordic 215/880 SK

    Valmetal is proud the present the Nordic 215. A new high capacity blower with a 3 phases collector ring (and 5 conductor...

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