• Autoration V+

    Automated feeding system

    The principle of the Autoration V + is very simple. It replaces the employee or the operator of the equipment in the pre...

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  • V-Mix

    TMR Vertical Mixer - FatMix

    The Fatmix 1130, a high capacity TMR mixer featuring two vertical augers, made of Abrasion resistant steel, ideal for hi...

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  • Electric feeding cart

    Electric feeding cart

    The Electric Supercart ! 100 % Electric, with zero toxic emission, 80% more silent than the regular model, with an equal...

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  • Angular bales mixer

    TMR Reel Mixer

    The Valmetal angular blades mixer. An efficient tumbling mixer, gently blending, cutting and mixing all ingredients to p...

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  • Vertical mixer

    TMR mobile Vertical Mixer

    Did you know that Valmetal features the widest range of TMR mixers of North America. We have the perfect TMR mixer fitin...

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  • Silage Reserve

    10hp US Motors now available at Valmetal

    The Valmetal Commodity Box (silage reserve) is the best solution to feed your herd from bunker silos or ag bags.

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