• Easy handling, ideal for small farms.
  • Simple, efficient and low-maintenance mechanics.
  • Ergonomic layout of control levers and pedals, making work easier for the operator.
  • High-performance hydrostatic pump.
  • Honda 5.5 HP motor (models 532 and 544)
  • Honda 9 HP motor (model 962)
  • Hydraulic oil filtration system
  • Direct drive via 2 hydraulic motors
  • TMR batteries as standard (model 962)
  • Bolted floor
  • Driver seat
  • TMR beaters (models 532 and 544) Optional
  • Electric starter with 12VDC battery (model 962) Optional
  • Flat-free steering tires Optional
  • Flat-free traction tires Optional
The best choice for small farms!

The best choice for small farms!

Strategically placed near the center of the tank, the wheel arrangement ensures a minimum turning radius to facilitate work in the narrowest aisles. The main advantage of our Hydraucart motorized cart!


Spiral beaters

Spiral beaters

The spiral beater regulates the flow of feed and eliminates risks of briding, no matter the condition of silage.

Drive wheels

Drive wheels

The drive wheels are directly driven by two hydraulic motors. These are powered by a powerful hydrostatic pump, eliminating the need for a differential or high-maintenance transmission.

Proven drive system

Proven drive system

This drive technique and the use of top-quality mechanical components make the Hydraucart a simple yet highly effective machine!


Model Length Width Height Weight Capacity
532 87’’ (221 cm) 35’’ (89 cm) 64’’ (163 cm) 860 lb (390 kg) 45 ft3 (1.3 m3)
544 93’’ (236 cm) 39’’ (99 cm) 64’’ (163 cm) 944 lb (428 kg) 55 ft3 (1.6 m3)
962 108’’ (274 cm) 44’’ (112 cm) 64’’ (163 cm) 1,300 lb (590 kg) 70 ft3 (2 m3)

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