• Low maintenance.
  • Produces the driest output on the market.
  • Reduces labor costs.
  • Fully automated operation controlled by easy-to-use touch-screen.
  • High-capacity reduces run time and energy use.
  • Choice of 10 HP or 15 HP drive
  • High-precision stainless steel 4-piece screen
  • On-board screen vibrator
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Available in manifold and pump feed configurations
Recycled manure bedding: an economic, ecologic and safe solution

Recycled manure bedding: an economic, ecologic and safe solution

  • Recycled bedding eliminates the need to use traditional bedding such as straw, sand or wood shavings.
  • It reduces the on-farm storage requirements for traditional bedding.
  • It reduces the total volume of manure to store, mix and spread each year.
  • It gives a second life to fiber not digested by the cow.
Offer them comfort!

Offer them comfort!

The ability to produce unlimited quantities of high-quality bedding ensures maximum comfort for the cows. Increased resting time promotes increased production! Recycled bedding is soft, fluffy and odorless!


Uniform bedding quality

Uniform bedding quality

The fully automated Xtra-Press features air-operated exit doors, providing constant pressure to ensure uniform bedding quality. The finger-wheel on the auger exit breaks up clumps to ensure uniform drying.

Unique vibrating screen

Unique vibrating screen

The on-board vibrator keeps screens extra-clean and increases separator capacity, producing up to 25% more throughput and drier solids.

Fully automated system

Fully automated system

Our control panels monitor and operate the system to ensure consistent quality, while keeping you informed and in control anywhere you go through the Valmetal app.

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