• Lower maintenance and operating costs.
  • Low RPM operation reduces wear.
  • Wide rolls process a thin layer for maximum capacity.
  • Air-bag tensioner maintains constant pressure on rolls.
  • Direct drive requires no adjustment.
  • 14’’ (36 cm) diameter X 96’’ (2.4 m) rollers
  • High-efficiency gearbox drive
  • Air-bag tension system
  • Centralized grease bank
Solution to dry down separated solids

Solution to dry down separated solids

Sand separation requires large volumes of separated liquids. The Valmetal Roller Press tolerates abrasive residues better than screw presses, making it the perfect choice to dry down the separated solids.

Large-scale   scrubbing systems

Large-scale scrubbing systems

Lagoon scrubbing is growing in popularity; removing the organics helps reduce nutrient loads, eliminates the need for high-powered agitation, and produces irrigation-quality effluent. The high capacity of the Valmetal Roller Press allows it to transform separated organics into a useful solid in large-scale scrubbing systems.

Dewaters screened  manure solids

Dewaters screened manure solids

Many operators use screen separators to produce flush or irrigation water but are left with very wet solids that are difficult to handle. The Valmetal Roller Press dewaters screened manure solids, converting them into a stackable solid. As solids exit the screen separator, they are pressed between the solid upper roller and the perforated lower roller, squeezing liquids out.

Automated controls

Automated controls

The optional hopper sensor prevents overflow. The Valmetal control can vary both the roll speed and the pump speed to automatically keep the separator and press working at full capacity, without risk of overload.




Adjustable and reversible UHMW scrapers keep rolls clean.



The large stainless steel perforated roller drains liquids rapidly.

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