• 2 in 1: unloader and distributor.
  • Many parts (shroud, panels, etc.) in stainless steel for heavier construction.
  • Large drive ring with rigid splice.
  • The wide wall-to-wall hexapod suspension ensures the surface stays level at all times.
  • Collector ring: 3, 4 or 5-wire vertical, 3-wire horizontal
  • Multiple ring drive choices: Shaft drive, Independent (3-wire 1 -PH, 4 -wire 1 -PH, 3 -PH)
  • Fiberglass chute with stainless steel wear band
  • High density plastic wheels on stainless steel axles
  • Standard suspension arms for central distributors
  • High-Lift arms for side-fill distributors
High Performance Blower

High Performance Blower

  • 1/4’’ (6 mm) stainless steel wrapper and stainless steel sides
  • High-capacity stainless cups
  • Angled impeller arms
  • Arms can operate either fixed or swinging
  • Cast-flange bearings
Main Drive

Main Drive

  • Auger gearbox and blower power by twin belts for trouble-free starting
  • Tilt & slide motor mount easy to adjust
Swing-Away Distributor

Swing-Away Distributor

Power or gravity versions

Improved Auger

Improved Auger

  • 10” (25.5 cm) diameter auger on a 4” (10 cm) tube to provide maximum rigidity
  • Extra-thick flighting ends
  • Hardened steel knives
  • Kicker at blower
  • UHMW hanger bearing

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