• Easy to install and maintain.
  • Extremely reliable choice for long hours of use.
  • Low horsepower requirements.
  • Completely silent operation.
  • Integrates into your automated manure handling system.
  • 3 models for all types of manure
  • Reinforced pumping chamber
  • 9 models of hydraulic power units are available to maximize performance
  • Few moving part for low maintenance
Which type of pump to choose?

Which type of pump to choose?

Elements to consider:

  • Type of livestock
  • Type of manure
  • Type and amount of bedding used
  • Distance from outside pit
  • Barn layoute
  • Elevations

While all of these factors influence the pump selection, your dealer will perform a manure consistency test and our engineers will make a discharge pressure calculation to pinpoint the ideal choice for your needs.


Hydraulic power unit

Hydraulic power unit

The hydraulic pump operates at high efficiency and completely silently. The pump is immersed in the oil reservoir, keeping it cool and clean. Sensors on the unit protect the pump from operating over-temperature or with low oil level. The removable tank allows easy access to the pump and filters.

Reversing switch

Reversing switch

Reversing of the hydraulic cylinder is smooth and gentle. The pressure-activated system ensures the motor cannot be overloaded or stalled, and eliminates the wear and adjustments of mechanical reversing systems for maximum reliability.

Pipes and fittings

Pipes and fittings

Matching the correct size and quality of pipe to the application is critical. Valmetal manufactures fittings and adapters for a wide range of pipes. Our clamp kits prevent pipe joints from separating. These are strongly recommended for transfer of heavily bedded/ solid manure and for any pipe where air flushing will be employed.

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