• Can transfer thicker liquid manure than centrifugal pumps.
  • Low speed operation with low operating cost.
  • The compact size and easy floor mounting makes planning simple and works well in smaller manure rooms.
  • The 8” (20 cm) inlet easily handles debris, providing reliable operation in automated systems.
  • Easy to install and to maintain.
  • Bearing mounted flapper doors
  • 8’’ (20 cm) Ø inlet kits for floor-level or pit installation
  • 6’’ or 8’’ (15 cm or 20 cm) Ø discharge kits for PVC or HDPE transfer pipe
  • 5 HP, 7.5 HP or 10 HP power unit
  • 4’’ (10 cm) Ø cylinder for maximum transfer distance
  • Inlet suction pipe for standard floor mount
Synchronized operation

Synchronized operation

Valmetal Liqui-Trans piston pumps can operate as synchronized pairs, so one pump is always delivering manure while the other is on the up-stroke. This provides a constant delivery rate, ideal for sand separation systems or filling digesters.

Long running hours capacity

Long running hours capacity

The simplicity and reliability of the Liqui-Trans are important in applications such as manure separators or digester loading, where long running hours are the norm.

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