• Available in multiple sizes & configurations.
  • Allows to discharge large volumes without splashing.
  • Durable design can handle trash without clogging or damaging valves.
  • Most valves capable of use in direct pump or tank fed flush systems.
  • Bolt-on flanged or slip-on coupler mount for ease of installation.
  • Every component including pumps, valves, diverters, separators, and controls are built by Valmetal.
  • Units from 8” (20 cm) to 24” (60 cm)
  • Manual or pneumatic operation
  • 1/4" (6 mm) or 3/8" (10 mm) steel air fittings available
  • Metric adapters available
  • Automated flush controls such as flush clocks, push-button control, solenoid junction boxes Optional
A ton of possibilities

A ton of possibilities

Valmetal flush valves range from small versions for hallways up to the massive units for cleaning long alleys with heavy sand. Whether for alleys, hallways, or holding pens, our planners will design your system from start-to-finish.


Fast service

Fast service

The modular operating mechanism can be quickly and easily removed from the stainless steel housing.

High capacity

High capacity

The double airbag valve opens much wider than competitive models and guarantees a leak-free seal even at high head pressures.

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