Calibration calculator for manure tankers

The Valmetal tanker calibration calculator lets the operator know what speed to drive in order to achieve the desired manure application rate.

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How to choose your manure spreader?

How to choose your manure spreader?

Elements to consider

  • Consistency and quantity of manure to spread
  • Spreading conditions
  • Distance to travel
  • Budget
  • Tractor capacity

Each model can be customized to fit your needs. Contact your Valmetal dealer to evaluate your options.

Choice of tires

Choice of tires

We offer 3 models of tires mounted on rims to satisfy all conditions. Tankers equipped with super-flotation tires are gentle on roads and fields, and are easier to pull in poor conditions.

  • 28L R 26 Bias
  • 850/50 x 30.5 Bias 648 tread
  • 850/50 x 30.5 Radial 693-M tread
Powerful impeller
Powerful impeller
Powerful impeller

Powerful impeller

All our spreader tanks are equipped with a powerful impeller with oil-bath bearings and drain hatch. The hinged door and replaceable housing makes maintenance easy. Choose the 21'' (53 cm) diameter impeller blade to provide the desired flow rate from 1,830 to 3,000 GPM. AR steel housing and impeller is available as an option.

Unloading options:

  • High spray discharge
  • Low spray discharge
  • 8'' (20 cm) transfer arm
Injector mounts

Injector mounts

Valmetal injector mounts provide strong support for injector systems, and the quick-attach mount makes it easy to remove injectors. Choose the Level-Lift system for shank or sweep injectors, choose the HD Lift kit for vertical-till models.

Safety features

Safety features

Driving a manure spreader on the road is often a challenge. Valmetal spreaders are all manufactured with the safety of users and the people they meet on the road always in mind. Improve your visibility when traveling at night with our many optional accessories.

  • LED signal lights
  • Reflective strips
  • Strobe flashers
  • Safety chains
Transfer arm

Transfer arm

The Power-Boom transfer arm allows fast unloading into satellite pits or other tankers.

  • 8'' (20 cm) diameter and up to 28’ (8.5 m) long.
  • UHMW pivot bearings provide solid support.
  • Easy-access cleanout door.

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