Project overview

Over the years, the Quesnel family has acquired several farms. Given that feeding is their operation core, they produce rations for multiple herds located in different buildings. Several hours each day are devoted to producing the recipes and transporting the rations.

To save time, the owners purchased a self-propelled mixer a few years ago. While useful, several other aspects made their oerations still complex:

  • Spread silos across the field.
  • Many wasted time waiting for ingredients at the silos and at the hammer mill.
  • Loss of supplements due to lack of precision.
  • Only an experienced operator could handle the rations due to the complex process.

The owners of the Quesnel Farm decided to review their way of doing things  to make their process simpler and more efficient, thus saving time and money.

It is during the implementation of a pre-batch system and a dedicated building that Valmetal comes into play to help centralize operations in one place. The Autoration PRO Maestro prepares recipes in advance automatically, which ensure that the pre-batches are ready when the self-propelled mixer arrives. No more waiting under the silo augers nor during corn milling.

The driver’s route is also simplified, reducing not only the time spent transporting rations, but also diesel consumption. Electricity saving is also noted since the hammer mill now operates overnight.

BEFORE - Self-propelled mixer travel

BEFORE - Self-propelled mixer travel

AFTER - Self-propelled mixer travel

AFTER - Self-propelled mixer travel

Milking cows
Mosse Creek, Ontario
G & J Yelle Inc.

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