• Compact unit fits into smaller pit openings and requires minimal floor space.
  • Lift kit allows easy removal by user.
  • Very adaptable, works at any pit depth.
  • High durability due to mechanical seals.
  • Rotating mount directs agitation where needed.
  • Planetary gearbox
  • Stainless steel propeller 22’’ to 28’’ (56 - 71 cm) Ø
  • Lifting winch with stainless steel guide rail
  • Tungsten-carbide mechanical seals


Planetary gearbox

Reduced energy consumption and longer gear life.

Self-cleaning propeller

The stainless steel propeller provides intense agitation while staying clean of bedding or debris.

Double sealing system

Two layers of protection, twin lip seals on ceramic bushing in front of our durable tungsten-carbide mechanical seal.

High efficiency

The propeller, motor, and gearbox are designed for total efficiency, delivering maximum mixing with minimum power.

Moisture sensor

The safety sensor will stop the unit if any leak is detected, preventing damage to the drive or motor.

Thermal sensors

Double thermal sensors in the motor protect against over-heating for maximum life.

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