The Valmetal Group is proud to announce the fusion of its major brands Valmetal, Jamesway Farm Equipment and US Farm Systems under one brand: Valmetal.

The transition of the brands of the companies acquired over the years by the Vallières family began in 2019. Two years later, the company is taking the final step of this transition by presenting itself under a single brand allowing it to offer a full line of farm equipment to dairy producers through its extensive dealer network. The Valmetal brand carries the dynamic orange color that sets it apart in the market and on which its reputation has been built since 1983. This is a true return to its roots, a return to its origins, which at the same time celebrates the remarkable growth that the company has experienced since its beginning.

“2021 will represent a significant year in the history of our family business. This merger of our brands underlines the achievement of growth through the acquisitions and innovations that we have realized over the past 40 years. The single trademark means that we are stronger and more united” says David Vallières, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Valmetal Group. “We are delighted with this change, which goes hand-in-hand with our vision for the coming years and will help us to increase our market on every continent.”

Our superhero Orangeman, supported by over 500 Valmetalians, was appointed to standardize the brand across the globe. A mission that's well under way!

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