2023 marks the 40th anniversary of Valmetal. It was back in 1983 that the very first product marketed under the Valmetal brand was introduced: the silo unloader.

In those early days, the company had just 8 employees plus its founders Yvon and Lise Vallières. Over the years, Valmetal has grown organically and through several acquisitions – 12 in all, in both Canada and the U.S. Sales territories have also expanded, enabling the brand to position itself in the international market.

Today, Valmetal is a highly successful Group specializing in feeding, manure handling, and wastewater management on farms, with a strong emphasis on system automation.

“The Valmetal Group is a company with solid foundations and big plans for the future. We still have plenty of projects in mind,” says David Vallières, President of the Valmetal Group. Valmetal is now making its mark in new markets, such as biogas. The Group offers a wide range of products perfectly suited to this industry, including pumps, agitators, and separators. These play a key role in supplying the digesters used to transform gases, such as methane from manure, into 100% renewable clean energy.

Valmetal’s success also lies in the strength of its employees who work as one to take the brand even further.

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