Project overview

Horizon Jersey Farm has been in operation for nearly 25 years by Ray Kroes and his family. In 2020, they worked with Valmetal - US Farm Systems, now Valmetal, to develop a close loop system designed to capture manure and recycle rinse water. They use sand bedding, and the produced quantity is enough to supply their 3,500 dairy cows.

Valmetal also helped to optimise feeding and manure management on this farm.

Closed loop system

To successfully create a closed loop system, Horizon Jerseys Farm used sloped screen separator. The solids out of the auger are around 27% DM. The manure is dried to the desired percentage and then used as bedding. As for the liquid, it is channelled through sand lanes to the flush pit and then the whole process is repeated.

Complete support

We supported Horizon Jerseys Farm from start to finish. They received the support to choose their equipment, install it and get it up and running. And the support has continued since then, while leaving owners as much autonomy as possible in managing their system.

Milking cows
Total herd
6,000 to 7,000
Tipton, California

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