Project overview

The system was commissioned in 2018 and designed primarily for manure capture and conservation/recycling of flush water.

Legacy is a “Closed Loop” style system. The overall manure system begins in the processing pit where 2 x 40 HP flush pumps run concurrently to feed roughly 4,000 GPM to flush valves in the free stalls. The flush sends manure and sand down the alleys where it is channeled to the sand lane. The sand lane is designed to flow at 1-1.5ft/s to allow for the majority of sand to drop out of the waste stream.

2 sand lanes

Legacy has 2 sand lanes. The first one is approximately 400’ and the secondary one is 700’. The sand is removed daily and dried for recycling as bedding material. The manure liquids continue to the Processing Pit, where it is further recycled for flushing throughout the day. Excess flushing liquids and manure are agitated and then sent to the sloped screen via an agitator-pump.

Sloped screen

The sloped screen drops material into the auger to produce solids at this site. The solids out of the auger are around 25% DM at this site. Solids are transported offsite for use as fertilizer or processed into compost. The liquid fraction of manure from the sloped screen and the screw press are deposited into the digester adjacent to the system.

Milking cows
Total herd
6,000 to 7,000
Tipton, California

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