• Unique 2-blade propeller delivers aggressive agitation.
  • Propeller is mounted on an oversized gearbox, assuring long life.
  • Heavy-duty motor mount keeps belts aligned.
  • The exceptional agitator performance keeps separator systems operating at peak efficiency.
  • Unit can rotate to aim the propeller in different directions.
  • 2-blade AR propeller 23'' (58 cm)
  • Belt drive from 7.5 to 25 HP
  • 5'' x 5'' (13 cm X 13 cm) square beam
  • Single or twin motor
  • Floor mount with locking swivel
  • Heavy-duty balanced driveline
  • Oil reservoir for gearbox
  • Propeller shroud Optional
  • Agitator foot with 16'' (41 cm) spike Optional
Smooth operation

Smooth operation

The Valmetal prop agitator quickly chops and blends manure into a smooth slurry, resulting in trouble-free operation of separators, pumps and other transfer equipment.


Quickly chops bedding

The back edge of the propeller is machined to scissor material against the hardened stationary knife edges and so reduces bedding length.

Faster mixing with less energy

The large 2-blade propeller mixes and homogenizes manure in less time than 3-blade propellers, so you need fewer hours of operation and less electricity.

Heavy duty from top to bottom

The 3-1/2'' (9 cm) diameter driveline smoothly delivers power from top to bottom without the need for intermediate bearings, resulting in less maintenance or repair.


Manure slump Agitation power
(rule of thumb)
1'' (25 mm) 1 HP / feet
1-1/2'' (38 mm) 1.5 HP / feet
2'' (50 mm) 2 HP / feet

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