Project overview

Following the improvement of their feeding system in January 2023, this dairy farm has seen significant changes in the quality of its rations and the rapidity of their operations. Automating their system with the Autoration PRO technology, they save time, energy and costs. They have also found that their rations are more accurate than those produced manually. The owner also estimates saving nearly 3 hours of work per day by automating his loading and unloading.

A VR-500 rotor mixer is at the core of their feeding system. Its use has led to an increase in the average fat content in milk, from 4.35 to 4.45. A result which has also been maintained since its start-up. The VR-500 also helps the Village Farm to obtain a much less compressed, more airy ration, and intact fiber at the exit.

Dairy cows
St-Ulric, Quebec

Client feedback

The speed, precision and simplicity of the products used allow us to save several hours of work per day.
Valmetal products ensure very long life with little maintenance and low cost.


Jonathan Gagné
Owner of Ferme du Village

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