• High capacity for fast feeding.
  • Multiple configurations for zone feeding.
  • Continuous and steady flow.
  • Low maintenance and long lasting.
  • Accurate delivery, with no feed separation.
  • A continuous feed cycle thanks to the automatic tripper.
  • Manual or electric tripper kit Optional
  • Multi-Lot control Optional
  • Covers and windboards Optional
  • Stands or leg kits Optional

3 models


Powered by the main motor, this simple and economical choice allows full-length feeding up to 200’ (61 m).

Independent drive

Powered by a 3/4 HP (0.5 KW) motor, the independent drive is recommended for long feeders up to 400’ (122 m) or where multi-lot delivery is needed.

Low profile

A compact version for overhead mounting. Powered by a 3/4 HP (0.5 KW) motor, the low profile version requires only 14” (36 cm) of height.

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