• Very quiet and low maintenance.
  • High speed belt delivers large volumes quickly.
  • Selection of accessories for a professional installation.
  • Feed is delivered without any separation of fines.
  • Sizes: 14’’ (36 cm) - 18’’ (46 cm) - 24’’ (61 cm) - 36’’ (91 cm) - 48’’ (122 cm)
  • Sturdy sections in galvanized or stainless steel
  • Wide choice of drive kits for standard, industrial, or special-speed applications
  • Adjustable decline/incline sections from 0° to 35°
  • Brush or scraper depending on the belt Optional
  • Stationary plow Optional
  • Side gaskets to prevent spillage Optional
Positive belt traction

Positive belt traction

The large diameter drive rollers are covered with a non-slip rubber for positive belt traction.

3 belt models
3 belt models
3 belt models

3 belt models

  • Smooth Belt
    Made of polyester and PVC, it is specially designed to remain flexible, even in extreme cold conditions (10° maximum angle). 
  • Textured Belt
    The textured surface provides more traction for the material, keeping it moving up most inclines (30° maximum angle). 
  • Cleated Belt
    The molded paddles keep material moving smoothly and evenly up steep inclines (45˚maximum angle). 




Galvanized steel hopper eliminates spillage and centers feed on belt. Simple belt tightener maintains belt tension.

Motor and gearbox drive units

Motor and gearbox drive units

The gearbox-drive is compact and may be mounted on either side. Choose the standard model for most applications, or the industrial series for the most demanding jobs.

Stationary plow kit

Stationary plow kit

The standard plow or the two-way plow will discharge material off the side, or will allow feed to pass when retracted. For smooth belt only, choose manual or electric control.


Utility models Standard models Intensive-use models Double-drive models Special speed models

60-series drive unit

  • An economical choice for short. conveyors
  • Available in 14” or 18” (36 or 46 cm) widths.
  • For lengths up to 50’ (127 cm) with a 1 or 1.5 HP motor.

70 & 80-series drive units

  • Available for all widths of conveyors.
  • To suit a wide range of farm. applications from 1.5 to 3 HP.

D-series gearboxes

  • Handle larger loads and longer run-times. 
  • Range from 2 HP to 7.5 HP.
  • For conveyors from 18” to 48” (46 to 122 cm) wide.
  • For extra-long systems.
  • Available for 18”, 24” or 36” (46, 61, or 91 cm) conveyors.
  • With motors from Twin-2HP up to Twin-7.5 HP.
Most Valmetal conveyors operate at high belt speeds to move large volumes quickly, however in applications that require less capacity, special-speed models produce lower belt speeds to save energy and wear.

Expert help – there are many factors that affect the power requirement for a conveyor, including material density, material flow rate, incline, accessories, and site conditions. Your Valmetal expert is there to help.

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