• The rack-and-pinion drive for the trolley is simple and dependable.
  • Efficient distribution with low energy consumption.
  • Quiet operation appreciated by the animals.
  • Non-powered low-speed belt
  • Belt width 14’’ ( 36 cm)
  • Motor 2 HP
  • Feeder to 250’ (76 m) in length
  • Cast iron 6’’ (15 cm) Ø trolley wheels
  • Stand assembly Optional
  • Left / right feed diverter Optional
  • Wind downspouts for outdoor feed bunks Optional
How it works

How it works

Feed passes through the center inlet in the hood sections onto the trolley and is carried forward by the movement of the trolley pan under the stationary belt.

Easy-to-install hangers brackets

Easy-to-install hangers brackets

They may be supported from standard 1-5/8’’ (4 cm) OD steel pipe, 2’’ (5 cm) lumber or from arch stands.

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