Project overview

After the tragic fire that took place at the farm, the Blouin wanted to rebuild, but with an ambitious project in mind. Wanting to prioritize the importance of the cow's comfort, they aspired to be equipped with an automated system that would efficiently and strategically answer their feeding and manure handling needs, without neglecting the cow's well-being and liberty.


Feeding system

A TMR-Master rotor mixer is at the heart of this farm's feed system. The TMR comes from a hammer mill, a mineral reserve, concrete stave silos and a hermetically sealed monolithic concrete wet corn silo. Everything is transported by a conveyor and automated using the Autoration system.

Manure handling system

Manure is handled by a Dura-Chain XL scraper system and electric agitators, which feed into a Liqui-Trans hydraulic piston pump located underground.

Milking cows
Saint-Jean-de-l'Ile-d'Orleans, Quebec
Beaudry Équipements Laitiers

Client feedback

No matter if it's for our feeding or manure handling needs, working with Valmetal allowed us to have performant, modern and reliable equipments that are easy to maintain. That way, we can do what we love the most: work with the animals without any worries.

The large suppliers' network of Valmetal insured an installation of quality and reassuring follow-ups. 


Bernard Blouin and Bruno Blouin
Owners of Ferme Belhorizon

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