• Reliable and proven mechanics.
  • Quick and precise stroke adjustment without contact with manure.
  • Ultra reliable intelligent reversing system works with the Scraper-Boss PRO control panel.
  • External lubrication line for 1.5'' (4 cm) diameter guide screws
  • Barrels made of thick steel
  • Cable tensioner
  • Cable cleaner
  • Oil bath
Corner wheels

Corner wheels

The Alley-Cat's heady-duty 19" (48 cm) diameter wheel minimizes cable flex. Its triple seal and continuous lubrication protect the mechanism against manure and freeze. A cable tensioning arm is available as an option.

Choice of cables

Choice of cables

Alley-Cat works with all types of cable from 3/8” (10 mm) to 9/16” (14 mm) diameter.

Choose steel cables (galvanized or stainless), or braided plastic cables (Dura-Cable or Dyneema), or the heavy-duty stainless & polyester hybrid cable (9/16” (14 mm) only).

Choice of scraper blades
Choice of scraper blades

Choice of scraper blades

Valmetal offers a wide choice of blades and accessories for every condition. Blade edges are available in steel, urethane or our new abrasion-resistant rubber.  Whether you choose straight (rollback) or V-blades, all wear parts are easy and economical to replace.



Have full control over your cleaning cycles with the Scraper-Boss PRO control that provides the best animal protection in the business. This user-friendly control is packed with features, able to control other parts of your manure system, and may be operated by phone or tablet using the Valmetal app.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy programming
  • Detection system that ensures cow safety


Model Barn size Drum Maximum stroke per cable size Weight Roller chain Motor
XD-260 Small to medium 26'' X 18'' X 1/4''
(66 X 36 X 0.6 cm)

3/8'': 235'
1/2'': 165'

715 lb
(325 kg)
#80 1 HP
XD-480 Medium to large 48'' X 18'' X 5/16''
(122 X 36 X 0.8 cm)
3/8'': 400'
7/16'': 350'
1/2'': 325'
1,200 lb
(545 kg)
#80 1 HP
XD-600 Large 60'' X 24'' X 3/8''
(152 X 61 X 1 cm)
1/2'': 600' 2,300 lb
(1,045 kg)
#100 1.5 HP

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